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It was a busy weekend!  Friday saw a lovely wedding at Ramster Hall with a belly dancer directly after their first dance.  I had a chat with the dancer beforehand to make sure that I knew the cues to play the music.  It all went really well and the belly dancer got a great response.

On Saturday there was an impromptu performance from Elvis.  It was a special gift from the bride’s uncle and I had about 5 minutes notice before the performance.  Luckily I keep the cables handy and lent Elvis my microphone so it all went very smoothly.

The two performances make me think about other events I’ve worked on over the years.  There was the time that the client recreated Brighton Pier in their back garden.  I say back garden, but it was really a large estate in the Surrey countryside.  We even set up a sound system on the balcony to play wave and gull noises.  And I managed to sneak a Fatboy Slim CD into the music system in the portaloos too!

I’ve played the music for a fashion show with John Walford, hosted a comedy room at a graduation event and looked after the music for a magic show in front of 1000 people.

I’ve also seen lots of different ideas incorporated at my client’s weddings over the years: the Israeli Chair Dance, walk in music and even Rockband for the wii plugged into my sound system.

One of my clients had a fluorescent sign made saying ‘Love Is In The Air’.  This wasn’t without its stresses because it was a very delicate sign.  I had to switch it on during the speeches and play the John Paul Young song at the same time.  The guest who delivered the sign was also very nervous and pleased when I took responsibility for it!  Again it all went smoothly and I managed to set up the sign without the guests noticing, removing the cover at the correct point in the speeches.

I’ve also played several outdoor DJ sets (just need power and shelter for that), looked after the music for large Christmas parties for 1500 guests and played a boat party too.

If you have ideas that you’d like to incorporate, just let me know.